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1260 21st St NW #1014, Washington, DC, 20036

We also accept Venmo payments to Colonial-Lodge-1821 (pay the same fees as you would a check).

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to note what you are donating for in the “add special instructions to seller” section of the Paypal form, in the check memo, or in the “notes” section if sending a Paypal gift.

Join The Washington Society

In 2015, The Colonial Lodge created The Washington Society to recognize brethren who contribute above and beyond their required dues. As a young Lodge, Colonial aims to build an investment fund from which to draw for community service projects, brotherly relief gifts, and other needs of the Lodge as they arise.

Brethren who contribute a minimum of $500 per year will receive recognition as member of The Washington Society throughout the year, and will receive one ticket to the annual Festive Board gratis.

For more information on the Washington Society, please contact the Secretary (email here). For those who are interested it may be of note that the Lodge is happy to arrange payment plans for joining The Washington Society.

Dues & Donations

Item Cost via Check or Venmo Cost via Paypal Paypal Link
Washington Society Member Dues
– Includes annual member dues
– Includes annual Grand Lodge Fees
$500 minimum donation $500 minimum donation

Annual Member Dues
– $200 for annual dues
– $25 for annual Grand Lodge dues and fees
$229.50 $238.31

Annual Member Dues (Members residing more than 100mi away)
– $100 for annual dues
– $25 for annual Grand Lodge dues and fees
$129.50 $134.69

Petition Fees (req’d for petitioners and affiliates) $200 $207.74

Degree Fees (per each of the 3 degrees) $100 $104.12

If you have any questions regarding dues and donations, please contact us.