2018 Officers

Worshipful Master

Aaron D. Ruby

Senior Warden

Anthony R. Pandolfo

Junior Warden

Quardricos Bernard Driskell

Senior Deacon

Adam Schuler

Junior Deacon

Nicholas Holy

Senior Steward

Kevin Coy

Junior Steward

Cary Cooper


Andrew Barnes


Chad M. Shahan


Joshua Aaron Poole


Khalid Derbas


David S.

* Owing to the unique partnership between The Colonial Lodge No. 1821, the academic lodge for The George Washington University, and The Eagle Lodge No. 1893, the academic lodge for American University, our lodges have entered into an agreement with regards to the role of Tiler during the conferral of the Degrees of Freemasonry. Each lodge agrees to provide for the other an experienced Master Mason to serve as Acting Tiler for one set of Degrees each year. This special arrangement is reaffirmed annually by the Worshipful Masters of each lodge, and is just one more way that DC’s two academic lodges express their fraternal bonds and esteem for each other.


Jason Van Dyke, PM
Paul Nadeau, PM
Timothy D. Shea


Past Masters

2017: Rich Alexander, PM

2016: Robert A. Maxim, PM

2015: Tyler J. Coffey, PM

2014: Nicholas J. Sampogna, PM

2013: Morgan P. Corr, PM

2012: James D. Hodgkins, PM

2011: Jason Van Dyke, PM

2010:  Paul Nadeau, PM

2008 (UD) – 2009: Andrew Reiter, PM